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Conductive foam

The conductive foam is based on polyurethane sponge and made with Lyrun’s unique continuous electroless plating technology, which to make conductive treatment and electro-deposit metal(copper, nickel, black nickel, etc.) to make the product omnidirectional conductive. The product has good conductivity, plating adhesion, resilience and EMI shielding property. It is a widely used EMI shielding material.


* 优良的导电性,较好的屏蔽效能
* 便于模切加工、组装
* 极好的粘着性能,适用于各种基体(如铜箔、铝箔、导电无纺布等)
* 颜色多样,多种颜色可供选择(银灰色、黑色、褐色等)
* 优良的品质稳定性

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