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leader's speech

        This is an era in which wisdom and passion are flying together.
  Based on wisdom and passion, Liyuan has experienced the four major leaps of hard work, production and management, brand management and capital management, and has experienced the rapid development of Liyuan.
  This is an era of relying on lean and fine to continue the brilliant career.
 Why do you act as a driving force for sustainable development? What is the advantage of the latecomer, the rapid development of Li Yuanrui's vision after the three major leap-forward development, with "professional, expertise, focus; fine, lean, accurate" work guidance, with fine management, lean manufacturing, build The basis for continued glory.
  This is an era of people-oriented, self-transcending.
  Liyuan is the cradle of Cannes and nurturing talents. It provides a platform for continuous management and technical talents to provide management and technical talents with a learning-oriented organizational management model.
  This is an era of product integration market and market nurturing enterprises.
  Whether it is yesterday, today, or tomorrow, Liyuan will continue to explore the pursuit of excellence, customer-centric is the commitment of Liyuan.
  This is an era of wisdom and realization of dreams.
  Adhering to the responsibility and mission of human development, Liyuan will continue to use wisdom and innovation to create new high-quality green energy materials, and create a fertile ground for people with lofty ideals to realize their dreams.

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