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Environmental/Occupational Safety and Health Management Policy and Objectives for 2019
First, the environmental management policy:
Committed to the cause of green energy, coexisting with all things on earth.
Second, occupational safety and health management policy:
On the basis of strictly implementing the overall policy of “safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management”, according to the current actual situation of the company, the guidelines for the company's safety production work in 2019 are formulated:
Adhere to safety first, strengthen the awareness of all employees,
Adhere to people-oriented and implement fine management.
Policy meaning:
Adhere to safety first: It is required that we always put safety in the first place in our work. When safety and production, safety and efficiency, safety and progress conflict, we must first ensure safety. That is, production must be safe and unsafe to produce.
Strengthening the awareness of all employees: In 2019, the key task of the company's occupational safety and health and environmental protection management work is to strengthen the awareness of the safety of all employees, and to improve the implementation of safety regulations and standards, and the implementation of training and education. Be familiar with the security management requirements, and achieve the transformation of self-discipline and self-protection cognitive ability of “make me safe” to “I want to be safe”.
Adhere to the people-oriented: In the production and management activities, the company must highlight the protection of employees' lives and health, and establish the principle of taking human life as the highest value. Because employees are the main body of responsibility and executive body of the company's safe production work, it is the basis of production safety. Only by effectively ensuring the safety and health of employees can the company develop stably and healthily.
Implementing fine management: Safety is no small matter, safety production management work covers a wide range of nuances, and it is necessary to fully participate in fine management activities. Through multi-level and multi-angle comprehensive practice, continuous improvement, safe production management methods and safe production. Technical preventive measures, gather the strength of all people, and continue to improve fine management.
Third, environmental / occupational safety and health management objectives:
According to the joint-stock company (safety accident grading standards), the environmental/occupational safety and health management objectives of Changde Liyuan 2019 are formulated:
1. Accident management objectives:
1 The safety production accident of general and above personal injury is 0:
2 The safety production accident of general and above property loss is 0:
3 Environmental pollution accidents are 0:
4 Occupational disease cases are generated as 0:
5 fire and explosion accidents are 0.
2. Compliance management objectives
Due to violations of relevant laws, regulations, technologies and industry standards such as safety production, environmental protection, fire protection, etc., the incidents investigated by the government regulatory authorities were 0.

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