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"2019 Run! Power Yuan!" The first ring factory run

In April, during the season of azalea bloom, Changde Liyuan Factory ushered in the fiery first ring factory running competition. The purpose of this competition is to promote the fitness of the whole division and create a positive corporate culture. The slogan of the game is "2019 Run! Power Yuan", which means that the company set sail in 2019 and achieved great success!
The game kicked off at 14:00 on April 22nd. The competition is divided into individual competition, relay race and overtime. The individual competition is divided into a men's team and a women's team. The races are about 4.5 kilometers and 2.5 kilometers respectively. They run around the factory area according to different laps. After fierce competition,
Men's Group Personnel Administration Department Yan Lihua, Technical Department Hu Shaodong, Steel Belt Manufacturing Department Guo Shuming won the crown, Asian and third runners, the women's group EMI project department Wang Yanhua, Minsheng foam nickel manufacturing department Hu Wenhong, and the operation planning department Li Baihui won the crown, Asia, Third place.
The team relay that took place was the most exciting part of the whole running race. The 10 teams were divided into 2 sessions. The cheerleaders were filled with cheering cheers, and the players who were picking up were ready to go. After the fall, the hard worker climbed up and ran again to complete the journey. In the end, the technical department won the championship of the whole relay race without any hope. The HEV foam nickel manufacturing department was in the runner-up position, and the third runner-up was obtained by the equipment department.
The overwhelming extra-time team consisted of a team of cadres headed by the general manager, and the atmosphere of the whole game reached its climax. The audience cheered and cheered with great interest, and the Minister of Technology, Jiang Subin, did not let the first.
In the final awards session, all the outstanding players have stepped on the podium to share the joy of success with everyone. In the laughter and laughter, this "2019 run! Liyuan" ring factory ran smoothly.
Through this variety of competitions held in the factory area, the internal communication of the company has been deepened and the sense of teamwork has been improved. Let us take the spirit of "running" and go all the way to the struggle of Li Yuan in 2019.

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