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Vice Governor Chen Fei researched Liyuan Company

On July 6, 2019, Vice Governor Chen Fei went to Changde to inspect the safety production work. At 10:00 am, Changde Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Director Zhou Derui, Vice Mayor Tang Yuguo and City and District Emergency Management Department Leaders and News Media Staff More than 30 people in a row arrived at Liyuan, and then went directly to the liquid ammonia tank area to check the management of dangerous chemicals.
In the liquid ammonia tank area, under the leadership of the company, the company's various departments and the head of the security committee accompanied the whole process. During the process, the company leaders introduced the overall layout of the company's park and the construction of the new workshop to Vice Governor Chen. In the liquid ammonia tank area, the hazardous chemicals management and three-level inspection mechanism, system construction, on-site anti-leakage control measures, automatic leakage detection and alarm, and automatic sprinkler linkage control system were introduced. Vice Governor Chen also asked about the liquid. The detailed questions of ammonia supplier and transportation company, Minister Jia Wenjie of HEV production workshop all answered one by one. He listened to the safety production work of Liyuan. Subsequently, I went to the central control room of the HEV foam nickel workshop to visit and understand the investment, efficiency and taxation of Liyuan. I hope that the future development of Liyuan will be strong and encourage enterprises to be strong and bigger.
Finally, he emphasized that safety is the biggest benefit of the company and the greatest welfare of the employees. Enterprises must adhere to safety production is the bottom line of the lifeline, firmly grasp the safety production standards in daily operation, establish a modern alarm mechanism, strengthen the duty duty system, especially under high temperature conditions, pay attention to the use of high-strength and high-quality fireproof materials, and strengthen automatic monitoring. Improve safety production capacity and ensure that all measures for safe production are done well. Changde all levels should further improve their understanding of safety production work, thoroughly study the general affairs of General Secretary Xi Jinping on ten aspects of safety production, maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee in terms of ideology and action, and firmly put safety production work in their minds. In the first place.

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