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Unite and forge ahead -- Liyuan new material tug of war

  Facing the new business form in 2019, in order to encourage all employees to work together, Liyuan company is scheduled to hold the tug of war on July 24, 2019. The election of eight strong and United teams, each team has shown the strongest team, work together, bravely fight for the first.
  The elimination competition system is adopted in the competition, which is held in 4 sessions. Through the wonderful preliminary, semi-final 1 and semi-final 2, four teams, namely hev2 team, Minsheng team 1 and quality technology design team, were selected to enter the final finals. On the day of the finals, although there was a gentle breeze, the atmosphere on the spot was hot. When the whistle of the competition sounded, I saw the team members holding the long rope tightly and pulling back as hard as they could. The leaders of the company also cheered beside the team. The employees who didn't participate spontaneously formed a cheerleading team to cheer for the team members. The trumpets and shouts rose one after another and floated in the sky. After intense competition In the competition, the top three of this tug of war were selected, and Minsheng team 1 won the tug of war championship.
  Through this tug of war competition, the team spirit of the company was carried forward, the strength of the masses was gathered, the spirit of team cooperation and perseverance of the company was demonstrated, and the sprint campaign in the second half of the year was welcomed with the spirit of unity and progress.

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