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The participation and reflection of safety production month

  As a manufacturing enterprise, the lifeblood of the enterprise lies in safe production; since the reform and opening up, the country has developed rapidly, and various industries have emerged large and small production enterprises. Many production-oriented enterprises in the pursuit of high-speed, high-quality and high profits at the same time ignore the most basic problem - safety. Every year, all over the country, there are cases of enterprises suffering from extinction due to various accidents; how many families feel indelible pain when employees go to work happily but fail to return home safely.
  Since 1980, the state has organized the activities of safe production month, and its importance is self-evident. As of June this year, it has been the 18th "safe production month" in China. Changdeliyuan New Material Co., Ltd. actively responded to the call of the country and the region, organized and planned the "safe production month" activity and got good response. The case was publicized by the publicity and education center of Changde emergency Bureau as a material.
  On June 17, 2019, Changde Liyuan New Material Co., Ltd. launched the "safe production month" activity. At the meeting, all members of the company learned the requirements and document notices of the 2019 national "safe production month" activity, and watched the relevant activity promotional films. Meanwhile, all members were organized to swear and take an oath on the safety commitment with the theme of "preventing risks, eliminating hidden dangers and containing accidents - starting from the side and starting from me" Finally, President Li Xing, the leader of the company's management, delivered a mobilization speech, which made the whole staff deeply aware of the importance and necessity of work safety. Subsequently, the safety, environment and related personnel units of our company organized and planned the safety training and practice activity scheme, and through the form of knowledge competition and skill competition, the employees can participate in the activity practically, which can produce better results.
  On June 19, 2019, in order to better enable employees to participate in the skills competition on June 21, the company organized the safety training of various competition contents in advance, explained the composition of gas masks, types and use conditions of gas masks in detail on site, and carried out on-site wearing demonstration, so that we have We have a certain understanding; chemical protective clothing and stretcher have also been demonstrated on site, describing various functions and subtle differences of various types on the market, not only learning the safety equipment provided by the company, but also improving the safety knowledge of all employees. The competition is divided into three parts: 1. Wearing gas masks; 2. Wearing chemical protective clothing; 3. Treatment of the wounded - use of stretchers. With the active participation of all colleagues, the whole process is in order, and employees have further understood and mastered safety skills through their own practice.
  Work safety and education are the first. Only when consciousness rises, can we do something in action. But we can't just stay at the level of ideology. Good goals, good decisions can't be implemented and can't be implemented are in vain. I think the safety production month of the company is a good training from theory to practice.
  Safety is life. Every one of our employees needs to have a deep understanding, learn more about safety knowledge and practice more to avoid being at a loss in case of emergency. Safety is for oneself, but also for the happiness of one's family. We should know how to be safe, how to do it safely, and how to protect ourselves in case of an accident. We should also be alert to the accident, so that the alarm bell will always ring, and the warning will be high, starting from ourselves.

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